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When you shop Manitou Made, you directly support the people, places, and experiences that define our vibrant community. We’re fiercely proud of our small business owners and artists. Together in creativity and community spirit, we’ve weathered massive challenges like wildfires, flash floods, and now a global pandemic. Whether you visit us online or in person, we’re glad to meet you. Welcome!

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Jannine Scott – J9 Glass

Jannine Scott is a Colorado artist who specializes in manipulating molten glass with the use of a blowtorch. This technique is called, “Lampworking.” She works the glass in the air, in temperatures melting the glass at over more than 1700 degrees. Jannine specializes in a technique called Murrine cane pulling, as well as complex lattichino (twisted cane) work. Jannine specializes in a technique called the“hot strip method,” where each line is applied while hot, to create a cross section that is then stretched and cut to make “chips” of the image created inside the cross section. This process is incredibly time consuming and not only complex in concept but also in execution. She works this technique in both borosilicate and Effetre glass.  If you see a small bee, ladybug, a cloud puking rainbows, or even the j9 signature, it is this technique that is being created to make those details happen.


Echo Healing Arts

Echo Healing Arts Studio is an eclectic business that includes healing modalities, meditation and art classes, an art gallery, and wonderful books. Steffany Boucher is a Certified Sound Practitioner CSP, Licensed Spiritual Healer LSH, and seasoned art instructor MFA. She enjoys spending time having tea with her clients and connecting with people about their goals and inspiration. Steffany blends multiple modalities together with her sound sessions so that each session is individualized. With her twenty years of teaching experience in the arts, in addition to advising and wellness coaching experience Steffany is easy to talk to and has a passion for weaving creativity into our everyday living. Also! Did you know that there is a natural mineral spring that flows through Echo? Sound sessions are deeply relaxing, a must-have experience!

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