Zoomorphic Bristlecone Pine Bowl by Grant Morris

From: Intemann Gallery at the Manitou Art Center

Bristlecone Pine and Turquoise; 24″ x 8H x 15D


One of a kind, hand sculptured bowl made from curly bristlecone pine. Lots of movement in this live edge piece and maybe an animal or two. This piece of art displays well on its side or in the bowl position. I collected this piece of wood at an extreme location west of Manitou Springs, Colorado at around 11,000 ft. The rich colors in the wood are natural and are accented with turquoise inlay. This piece is sealed and is water resistant. This art is safe to use for serving or displaying food and to clean with warm water. This is a special piece, which has the “chaos” attribute I seek out during my wood hunts.


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