‘Warring State Suite’ Handmade Moretti glass bead necklace

From: J9 Glass

‘Warring State Suite’ Handmade Moretti glass bead necklace by Manitou Springs lampworker artist, Jannine Scott



The Warring States Suite

Glass beads have been created by hand (using lampworking techniques) for over 5,000 years. One of the bead styles that was being created in China during the early 5th century BC was eye beads. This technique was created during a time of war in China where many states were fighting for control, thus the timeframe named them “Warring States” beads. They were mainly deposited in high-status burials. This necklace and earring set is based on this concept using a layered dot technique. The larger beads were made in the studio when the pandemic, as well as the stress of the election of 2020, made it difficult to create. The meditative, repetitious motions of carefully placing dots one on top of one another proved to be therapeutic, and with just a black and white palette, it felt appropriate for the mood and the times. This technique requires a very steady hand and a patient spirit. Ancient beads, thousands of years old, have been found all over the world. This set could be another artifact in a few thousand years. Who knows?


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