Bristlecone Pine Pedestal Bowl

From: Natural Cherokee

Bristlecone Pine Pedestal Bowl with Turquoise and Amazonite; Native American  Made


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One of a kind, hand sculptured bowl made from bristlecone pine.  The wood is very dense and weights 4 lbs.  This piece is riddled with beetle trails which add to the  beauty of this art.   I collected the wood at an extreme location in Colorado, around 11,000 ft.   Art has turquoise inlay and semi precious amazonite that I hand collected shaped and polished.   The color of the wood is natural, and is sealed to bring out the color and make water resistant.  This art is safe to use for serving food and to clean with warm water.

Bristlecone Pine is the oldest living tree on earth and grows in extreme locations in the mountains of the southwest (to include where I live).  They grow about 1/100 of an inch in girth per year.   I do not collect living trees and consider Bristlecone as extremely rare.

Amazonite crystal: filters out stresses, heals traumas, and soothing energies.

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