Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Book 2 (Time Springs Eternal Series)

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Find out what happens to Emma Quinn in Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Book 2 of the Time Springs Eternal Series. Will Emma find her way back to modern times or will she have to permanently live in 1883 Manitou?


In this second installment of the time-travel historical series Time Springs Eternal, Emma Quinn is struggling to adjust to her life in 1883 Manitou, Colorado. She is obsessed with finding her way back to her own time. Nothing—including a demanding job that takes her on a train journey to Chicago and New York City—distracts her from her single-minded goal. Her friends Claire La Salle, Dr. Alice Guiles, and Levi Warwick are worried, especially as she is spending more and more time with the Ute medicine man, Ancha.  Even when the mysterious death of two townsmen pulls Emma and Levi together again, it may not be enough to help Emma accept her life in the nineteenth century.

This is book 2 of the Time Springs Eternal Series.  Time Springs Eternal Book 2 is 331 pages long and was published in 2021 by Tava Mountain Publishing.

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