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Wieshuber Jewelers

The jewelry business is in my blood. In 1923, my grandfather immigrated from Germany to Chicago and opened a jewelry store. Thirty years later he returned to his motherland, and his two sons took over the store. When I started high school, my father told me I’d be working in the store after school and on Saturdays. As far as jobs go, this was the best a teenage girl could hope for. I learned a lot about jewelry and colored stones. Because of this experience, I developed a deep appreciation for genuine gemstones and precious metals.

Now I make jewelry purely for the love of creating something beautiful. I go to gem shows and handpick the loveliest beads and cabochons. Everything I make is one of a kind. Sometimes I make two or three of the same design, but because natural stones have variations, they are not identical. I think about the women and men who wear my pieces. No two are the same, each is an individual, everyone has flaws that make them unique. My jewelry is designed to bring out the genuine beauty in each person.


Jannine Scott – J9 Glass

Jannine Scott is a Colorado artist who specializes in manipulating molten glass with the use of a blowtorch. This technique is called, “Lampworking.” Jannine specializes in a technique called Murrine cane pulling, as well as complex lattichino (twisted cane) work. Jannine specializes in a technique called the“hot strip method,” where each line is applied while hot, to create a cross section that is then stretched and cut to make “chips” of the image created inside the cross section. She works this technique in both borosilicate and Effetre glass.  If you see a small bee, ladybug, a cloud puking rainbows, or even the J9 signature, it is this technique that is being created to make those details happen.

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