Springs of Colorado

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Springs of Colorado by Richard Pearl


Springs have for thousands of years been a source of wonderment and speculation, of valuable water supplies, of recreation and health, of business and commerce, of energy, of scientific interest.

The Springs of Colorado do not meet all these requirements to the same degree that they may in other parts of the globe . They are smaller than several in Montana, less thoroughly developed that a number in Florida, much less historic than many in Europe. Perhaps the only worldwide superlative is that the swimming pool that utilizes the water at Glenwood Springs is said to be the largest of outdoor warm water pools. The water at Steamboat Springs has the next most conspicuous recreational use in Colorado.

Springs featured in this booklet include Avalanche Springs, Colorado Springs, Eldorado Springs, Hot Sulphur Springs, Pagosa Springs, Steamboat Springs, Manitou Springs and Trimble Springs.

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