Intemann Gallery at the Manitou Art Center

Intemann Gallery at the Manitou Art Center

Intemann Gallery at the Manitou Art Center
  • 719-685-1861
  • 513/515 Manitou Art Center, Manitou Art Center, Colorado, United States (US)

Why Manitou Springs Loves Them

The Manitou Art Center is the only arts-focused maker-space in the Pikes Peak region. We form innovative partnerships with organizations that share our mission to provide an environment in which artists, tinkerers, collaborators, and you can flourish in our community. We provide affordable studio space for artists, art galleries with monthly shows, meeting spaces, and a membership-based maker-space.

The Manitou Art Center says YES to our community and to the concept of community. We bring your ideas about art, creativity, and connections to life and give them space to thrive. The Manitou Art Center is a vital part of our city’s identity. Manitou Springs without the MAC, a 32-year-old nonprofit organization, would be difficult to comprehend.



Manitou Made

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Manitou Springs?

Manitou Springs is well-known as a hub of creativity—a center for artists, performers, art galleries, and art events. The MAC is a natural fit—a place where art happens daily, all expressions of creativity are welcome, and space is held to nurture talent and community. We are right at home in Manitou Springs. 

Manitou Made

On a Personal Note…

The MAC is all about sharing, and Manitou Made is an opportunity to share our vibrant and quirky art community with the world. We hope that you find an item that serves as a remembrance of past visits, or that perfect piece that connects you to someone in your life, or a voice of hope in a troubling time. We are all connected. Your purchase celebrates our collective creativity. It is an investment in our schools, businesses, residents, and, most importantly, in all of the wacky and fabulous people and activities that make us the gem of a community that you love.

Terms And Conditions

Thank you for your support of the Manitou Art Center! Shopping locally is one of the best ways to help Colorado’s economy during the pandemic. When consumers buy $100 locally, $70 stays in the local community. Shopping local increases employment, the buying power of local workers, tax revenue, and government funds for long-term investments like infrastructure and education. Shoppers also help the environment by reducing transport costs.

And now, the Fine Print. Please be aware that we pass the responsibility of shipping to each individual artist who we represent; hence, you will see that some items are only available for local pickup. We will notify artists as soon as possible if an item is purchased and needs to be shipped. The date your item will be shipped is dependent on the artist collecting the work from the Manitou Art Center to process it for shipping. We will make every effort to expedite this process, but please be aware that unforeseen circumstances, such as an artist contracting Covid-19 or Life happening may interrupt this process.