Raw Bronze, 18k Gold Plated or Sterling Silver – 7 Minute Spring Pendants, 50% Off SALE

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

7 Minute Spring is one of eight operating mineral springs in the City of Manitou Springs. Maintained by the Mineral Springs Foundation, 7 Minute Spring is located in 7 Minute Spring Park adjacent to Memorial Park. In 1909, 7 Minute Spring was drilled adjacent to the site of the former Manitou House and produced a geysering effect every 7 minutes. A replacement well was drilled in 1993 along with the development of the surrounding 7 Minute Spring Park. Two fonts were designed by Bill Burgess, Don Green and Maxime Green. This replica of 7 Minute Spring has been developed by Pete Sahm using a 3D modeling process from photographs. It measures approximately one inch tall and can be used a piece of jewelry (pendant, charm bracelet); or maybe a unique piece for your Monopoly set. Made in the USA, each piece is individually molded and finished using an additive manufacturing process.



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