Garden of the Gods

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Garden of the Gods by Toni Hamill and the Manitou Springs Heritage Center

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Since prehistoric times, the Garden of the Gods has been a source of fascination. This geologic formation in Colorado Springs was a seasonal camping site and source of spiritual significance for Ute Indians. Later, scientists studied the formation and found evidence of dinosaurs, prehistoric cultures, and unusual biological associations.Artists, writers, and photographers have been inspired by the beauty of this geologic wonder, and tourists and entrepreneurs once left their marks on the rocks. Through the efforts of Gen. William Jackson Palmer and Charles Elliot Perkins, the park became a reality and was given to the city of Colorado Springs. Today, the Garden of the Gods draws 1.7 million visitors per year, who bicycle, run, ride horses, enjoy hiking, or go rock climbing, and savor the natural beauty of the park.

Author Toni Hamill is a retired teacher. After participating in an archeological dig at the garden of the Gods, she decided to write her thesis for a master’s degree in American studies from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs about the history of the park. That research was the inspiration for this book.

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