The Peak of Racing Pikes Peak Through the Racer’s Eyes

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

The Peak of Racing Pikes Peak Through the Racer’s Eyes by Chris Lennon

Forward by Bobby Unser


Take a ride up America’s Mountain as a passenger with some of the world’s most famous race car drivers. Share in their stories (there are some doozies), what makes the second oldest race in the US so special, and how the mountain looks at over 100 mph in some of the world’s most high-performance machines.

Find out who among the legendary drivers who have won this race are actually terrified of heights. Read about the racer who crossed the finish line backward. Who do you suppose won the race and then promptly announced he’d never return, as it was way too dangerous (the answer may surprise you)? When was the highway paved (the answer again may surprise you)? Who scared a journalist off the mountain for good? There are so many stories, and we have curated a great collection of them for you.

See stunning photographs from the building of the highway over 100 years ago, all the way to the modern competitors who come every June to challenge the mountain.

This book also includes a complete list of all PPIHC Division and Class Winners by Year, all the way from 1916 to present day.

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