Shop Local Colorado

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Save Jobs, Stay Safe, Help Your Neighbors
Shopping locally is one of the best ways to help Colorado’s economy during the pandemic. When shoppers buy $100 locally, $70 stays in the local community. Shopping local increases employment, the buying power of local workers, tax revenue, and government funds for long-term investments like infrastructure and education.

Shoppers also help the environment by reducing transport costs and can take pride in supporting local producers, makers and merchants.

We know that small, and often independent businesses are the heart of Colorado’s economy. There are more than 611,000 small businesses in Colorado, representing more than 99% of Colorado businesses. Supporting small businesses means supporting your community.


Small businesses in Colorado employ more than 1.1 million Coloradans, or nearly 50% of the Colorado workforce. Firms with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment. Supporting small businesses ensures these jobs remain viable.

Here are some ways we can all connect with the campaign:

  • Share the #ShopLocalColorado messaging on social media platforms. Tag @ColoradoEcoDevo when possible, so they can amplify your message on our channels.
  • Announce the campaign on your website or in an email newsletter and direct people here (of course) or to our listing on
  • Share the #ShopLocalColorado messaging with your network of small business owners.