Pollinator Allies Stickers

From: Jibwa Studio by K8e Orr

Show your love for our Pollinator Allies by choosing your favorite(s) in sticker form and donning the beautifully drawn, vinyl illustration on anything your heart desires. K8E ORR at Jibwa Studio is sharing the love of the Pollinators in this colorful set of hand drawn designs of moths, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bats. And including a non-pollinator friend, the dragonfly.


These pollinators come to life with the attention to details and dancing colors. Each one is filled with magical details of plants, mushrooms, fruits, and flowers in bright, eye-catching colors. From flitting hummingbirds with floral accents, graceful butterflies with an orange display, a bat with sweet strawberries and mushrooms, moths with mushrooms, moons, and even one of 420 delights, and the non-pollinator dragonfly with lemon zest; it’s hard to just choose one.