Jibwa Studio by K8e Orr

Jibwa Studio by K8e Orr

Jibwa Studio by K8e Orr
  • 719-439-6623
  • 513 Manitou Ave, #9 Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States (US)
  • Closed Due To Covid, Available for local pick up.

Why Manitou Springs Loves Them

K8e Orr Has been a community artist for the last 15 years. She has a deep love for her town and the artist found there. She teaches engaging classes, that reach a broad audience. She is a leader in the artistic population, and hopes to change arts and minds with her work. 

For over 10 years I have taught a donation-based mosaic class to adults with developmental differences at several locations including the last 4 years at the Mantiou Art Center. Students are able to freely create producing amazing, original, handmade artwork and designs. Creating a safe space for community and mentorship is part of my mission as an artist. I have worked with various non-profits to help with over 100 community art projects and classes to disadvantaged communities and youth, often volunteering my teaching time and materials to help the project succeed. Annually, I work on free prop building workshops with Dragon Theatre, a community theater group where anyone who auditions gets a role and is included. I have also mentored other artist as well as help with development of other local art shows and spaces. I’ve run local art and farmers markets and many art shows that nurture an inclusive environment with no discrimination. I also believe in giving voices to underserved populations. I bring smiles to faces through my own art creation, generating revenue for myself, the City of Manitou Springs, and other local business. I fully engage with my community as an artist, teacher, and helper, donating time and art to many fundraisers and causes. In my personal artwork, I try to show that Native American Artwork does not have to fit in a box and can be whatever the artist creates instead. I believe I am a strong, positive leader in my community.

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Manitou Springs?

The truth about K8e Orr:

I was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  When I was born my parents were active in the native American art scene, running a shop in Cresta Butte, and doing trade shows, I attend my first powwow at three days old and spent time traveling all over the USA with my mom dad and older brother.   My brother loved comics, he introduced me to art, spending time drawing his own super heroes, and sometimes he would let me ink them or design a costume, as a tribute to him I gave my shop ( Jibwa) the nickname he called me as a child.  I spent more time as a child developing rare color schemes and making beaded bracelets I sold to the kids at school for twenty five cents or a crystal clear Pepsi. Since then my interest in art has grown, mostly it is a coping skill and when I’m down or trying to think something over I do something artistic till I find an answer. Whether it be writing a song, making a piece of jewelry or painting an canvas.


“The pieces of automobile that lay on empty street corners at night, items that glitter out of the corners of one’s sight. The antiques once loved by those alive, and anything I let my mind contrive. the broken and worthless pieces of junk ,and submarines that long ago sunk. That time way back when, I learned something new and all I could do is grin.”


Thank you for taking your time to look at my work and learning more about the artist. become a fan on facebook @ k8eorr.com and check out my etsy www.etsy.com/shop/k8eOrr

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