Here to Bloom by Jannine Scott of J9 Glass

From: J9 Glass

Colorful, whimsical and charming- this piece, “Here to Bloom” is mixed media, which includes hand lampworked glass detail as well as torn, fibrous paper that is all then covered in resin, creating something that looks like all glass.

Lampworked glass, mixed media
5.25″ x 5″ x 2″


With just a pop of color, and unique 3 dimensional features, this adorable, accent wall piece truly brightens up the wall on any room it is in.  The red, orange and yellow colors that adorn the box, are ripped paper. Natural, dyed papers from all over the world create unique patterns and mix into one another, creating a loose, bright backdrop for the glass pieces held within and outside.  The process takes quite a while, as she rips paper (sometimes in wild abandon), adheres it to the base, where the glass and paper are forever bound together with a clear resin.  Shiny, clear resin creates an optical illusion, as the viewer is unsure what is glass and what is not, upon first view. This is the first piece in the collection, “Here to Bloom” series. 2021

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