Foreshadowing Gift Box Class

From: Midknight

A fun celebration class at the Manitou Art Center for ages 8 to 108 (children must be accompanied by an adult).



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Recipes and Techniques for this class:


Flexible imagination
Wear non-precious clothing
Basic box with a slip on lid will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own – untreated material is easier to glue and paint.
Collage materials provided but you are highly encouraged to bring xerox copies of your own special photos (do not bring original photographs as they are not suitable for this technique and could be damaged – bring xerox copies instead).

Participants will embellish a box with buttons, tickets, and other memorabilia. Make a box for your dreams or simply to create a practical artifact, a memory captured, a story and a keepsake.

Perfect gift for the loved ones in your life who you have journeyed with.

Teacher: Lisa Murphy Noon

Lisa is a native of Colorado. She attended the Colorado Springs School and Colorado College GT Program. She has a liberal arts degree from Sara Lawrence College and has studied extensively at SUNY Purchase. She has taught art to a wide variety of learners.

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