Manitou Springs Walking Tour Booklet

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Manitou Springs Walking Tour Booklet by Jean Garrity and Deborah Harrison


Largely undeveloped until an 1867 railroading survey expedition led by General William Palmer, Dr. William Bell who accompanied the expedition envisioned a health spa in the valley of Soda Springs.

By the 1890s their collective efforts saw Manitou well established as a health resort. The town boasted several major hotels, a bath house, two railroad stations, a mineral water bottling plant, and the famous health giving mineral springs.

Many things have changed over the years but we have a rich architectural heritage which has survived and in recent years the Mineral Springs Foundation has restored many of our famous springs. Two tours are included in this booklet – one of Manitou and Canon Avenues, and the other of Ruxton Avenue.

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