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Why Manitou Springs Loves Them


My wife Kristin and I started Black Iron Metal Works in pursuit of a simpler life. I am a mechanical engineer/machinist and Kristin is a Montessori teacher. We have both loved aspects of our occupations but desired to work from home together. I have been fortunate enough to learn many manufacturing methods from machining to welding to computer-aided drafting and design and have had a number of great mentors who taught me to create art from my craft. Unfortunately, I have had many bad experiences working in the corporate world as well. I will be 35 at the end of this year and am working hard to make this dream a reality. Without the support of Kristin, Black Iron wouldn’t exist today. She is the rock in this business and I wouldn’t have had the courage to start this without her.

Anyway, that is the short version. Read on for more ….



The inspiration for our products comes from daily living in a 100-year-old house in Manitou Springs, CO. Frustrated by looking for furnishings to match our tastes, we started to design and build our own. After being delighted with what we’d created, the foundation for Black Iron was established.


Black Iron provides products that are unique in their design and function. We have zero desire to mimic or copy what already exists. It’s in my nature to attempt complicated, sleek designs that make people wonder exactly how a product was made. All of the pieces in our products are handmade with little exception. In buying from us you will have a product built to last.



Working in the corporate world I have heard the word “process” many times. Apparently it means: As long as you have a good process in place it doesn’t matter who is performing the craft, also known as mass production and assembly lines. My eyes roll back into my head every time I hear this. Handmade is king in my book and a process can’t replace a skilled worker. This is the same reason I am drawn to old houses with character.


Our process at Black Iron is a product being built by one set of hands. Kristin provides the customer service and I provide the products. Some of the processes you will see in our products include: metal milling and lathe work, wood lathe turning, unique wood finishing, metal spinning, metal rolling and bending, copper forming and finishing, TIG welding, brazing, CADD drafting and design. I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things and I look forward to learning new processes that will enhance our products.



Black Iron Metal Works and woodworking may seem contradictory but make no mistake- we love wood! In particular, we like the harmony that occurs when wood is combined with metal. While metal work is my main passion, I couldn’t help but experiment with woodworking processes as well. I just love to build things, no matter what the material.


Thanks for your interest,

Kyle Frerichs

Co-Owner, Black Iron Metal Works

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