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Why Manitou Springs Loves Them

Manitou Springs Topography from Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak (Tava, Sun Mountain), Paul Intemann Trail and Red Rocks Open Space have Inspired Jill’s Eave creations. The Western Interior Seaway’s magical remnants left behind as well as the land’s Sacred Lineage of the Ute, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes have all influenced Jill’s Eave creations. Respecting local animals and creatures as well are reason’s why Jill’s Eave continues to choose spiritual work and a spiritual process. Manitou Loves us because Manitou loves Manitou and Jill’s Eave loves Manitou!


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On a Personal Note…

Manitou Springs is a beautiful, exciting and a meaningful place to be. Enjoy the town while you are here & all the incredible nature, art, music and people!

There are events going on regularly and always something fun to do!

Feel free to Follow & DM @Jillseave as well, we post about Manitou Springs regularly as well as products.

Terms And Conditions

Jill's Eave would like you to feel comfortable returning any products within 30 days in person at the Manitou Art Center if you are not satisfied with a full refund. Please email Jillseave@gmail.com to arrange.