Laser Luminaries

Laser Luminaries

Laser Luminaries
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  • 513 MANITOU AVE, Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States (US)

Why Manitou Springs Loves Them

Manitou Springs and beyond have embraced Laser Luminaries! From his studio in the Manitou Art Center, Kendrick Cowdery creates unique designs using Adobe Illustrator and making intricate cuts using a Boss Laser – part of the Manitou Art Center makerspace equipment.

Laser Luminaries are also loved by Colorado Springs, Green Mountain Falls, you can also find Kendrick’s unique accent lights as far afield as the UK.

Laser Luminaries can also be purchased at these local galleries:

Stones, Bones and Wood in Green Mountain Falls CO.

The Green Horse Gallery in Manitou Springs CO.

The Strata Gift Shop at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs CO

The Manitou Art Center First Amendment Gallery (and my studio) in Manitou Springs CO

Manitou Made

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Manitou Springs?

Whether you are a painter, a potter, or a guy making stuff with a laser, Manitou Springs is an amazing place to make art. Take some of Manitou’s vibe home with you today.

Manitou Made

On a Personal Note…

Hi! My name is Ken Cowdery and I’m an artist working in Manitou Springs with a laser cutter to make beautiful accent lighting. My first step when I make a luminary (or lightbox)  is to design all the parts and the images on them. I use Adobe Illustrator to create the designs.  A laser cutter is used to cut the pieces,  paper is added, and the parts are assembled into a whole. Each luminary comes with a lamp base, LED bulb, and wood base. No matter how beautiful these lights look on this website, they look even more gorgeous in real life.