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Laser Luminaries

Laser Luminaries
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Manitou Springs?

Whether you are a painter, a potter, or a guy making stuff with a laser, Manitou Springs is an amazing place to make art. Take some of Manitou’s vibe home with you today.

Manitou Made

On a Personal Note…

Hi! My name is Ken Cowdery and I’m an artist working in Manitou Springs with a laser cutter to make beautiful accent lighting. My first step when I make a luminary (or lightbox)  is to design all the parts, and the images on them. I use Adobe Illustrator to create the designs.  A laser cutter is used to cut the pieces,  paper is added, and the parts are assembled into a whole. Each luminary comes with a lamp base, LED bulb and wood base. No matter how beautiful these lights look on this website, they look even more gorgeous in real life.