Wieshuber Jewelers

Wieshuber Jewelers

Wieshuber Jewelers
  • 719-822-1924
  • Manitou Springs, Colorado, United States (US)

Why Manitou Springs Loves Them

Our online store is the third incarnation of Wieshuber Jewelers (pronounced WEES hoo ber), which was founded in 1923 by Gretchen’s grandfather. From Chicago to the suburb of Park Ridge, and now reborn at the base of Pike’s Peak, our family business continues to bring fine jewelry to a discerning clientele. Gretchen and her husband Anderson attend gem shows and hand pick beautiful stones that inspire. We love color and bring you lovely earrings and necklaces in a rainbow of hues, all made by hand in Manitou Springs.

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On a Personal Note…

If you’d like to commission a piece, please contact us. Email gwieshuber@gmail.com.