Returned From Oblivion – The story of Jacob Schueler

From: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Returned From Oblivion – The story of Jacob Schueler by Janet Jewell


A quest to uncover a lost family with Jacob Schueler yields a treasure trove of family “gold”. Being the original partner of Adolph Coors, Jacob Schueler was many things:

He was an original Pikes Peaker (one drawn to Denver during the 1858 gold rush).

1862: He partnered with Adolph Schinner, establishing one of Denver’s earliest confectionery/bakeries. Jacob continued running a confectionery until 1875.

1864: He was part of the Sand Hill Massacre.

1873-1880: He partnered with Adolph Coors while simultaneously running his confectionery/bakery.

1880: He build a large bottling plant in Denver where he was bottling soda water and pop. He ran the plant until 1887.

1889: He and his son-in-law were in Aspen building a large or concentrator for the Smuggler Mining Syndicate. The 1893 silver crash crushed the local economy – sending the nation into a recession.

1897: Jacob returned to his bottling profession, buying out a small bottling plant in Manitou Springs, Colorado. He called it the “Ute Chief Mineral Water Company” – an enterprise that took all of his energies until his death in 1918.


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